Pecan Energies shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We conduct business with integrity, respecting cultures, dignity and rights of individuals everywhere we operate. We do our utmost to ensure that our business partners and suppliers do the same.

We are committed to contribute to enhancement of local industry in Ghana through our supply chain activities. Our long-term ambition is to go beyond local content by contributing to local employment and value-creation.

Pecan Energies strives to ensure that our suppliers and sub-suppliers share our commitment to safety, integrity, ethics and compliance. Thus, suppliers and contractors are expected to adhere to standards which are consistent with the Pecan Energies Supplier Declaration.

Pecan Energies – Supplier Declaration

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Supply chain at Pecan Energies

Pecan Energies shall have a long-term focus when collaborating with other companies and shall work closely with our contractors and suppliers to achieve and maximise mutual collaboration benefits. We place an emphasis on identifying certain partners with which a close cooperation is developed.

Contractors are expected to work in accordance with the lean principles and with high performance to the best for the total project and delivery, and the intention is that all contractors and suppliers shall contribute to work as one integrated team together with Pecan Energies and our business partners.

Becoming a supplier 

All suppliers, contractors and subcontractors are selected through tender processes and on the basis of an objective, documented rationale. Supplier selection is based on costs, quality, lead time, HSE, ethical conduct, local content criteria, risk management and life-cycle factors. All suppliers, contractors and subcontractors are expected to follow principles regarding ethical and safety conduct that are aligned with those of Pecan Energies.

Pecan Energies is committed to operating in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

All our contracts have the Pecan Energies Code of Conduct referenced and all suppliers shall make a binding commitment to the principles outlined in the Supplier Declaration.

Our requirements

All suppliers must commit to and sign the Supplier Declaration

All suppliers must document applicable certifications (depend on the contract up for tender)

All suppliers must undergo a compliance review

Pecan Energies contracts are awarded in accordance with the contracting strategy approved by the License Partners. If you want to register for information about future procurement opportunities, please do so by completing our Supplier Registration form.

If you have an enquiry, please email

Our ambition: to go beyond local content by contributing to building local Ghanaian industry

Pecan Energies shall safeguard the local content principles in consideration of Ghana’s L. I. 2204 requirements to optimise Ghanaian participation in all activities undertaken.

All suppliers seeking to provide service to Pecan Energies in the upstream petroleum industry in Ghana must register with the Petroleum Commission Ghana.

To contribute to enhancement of local industry, Pecan Energies is committed to:

  • Maximising capacity building of local industry
  • Contribute to local employment and value-creation through the establishment of local infrastructure
  • Supply chain activities, employment & training activities
  • Technology transfer & development planning 
  • Professional services utilisation

To further underline our local content ambitions, Pecan Energies has provided a significant contribution to Ghana´s Accelerated Oil and Gas Capacity Programme in addition to the Pecan Inspire Scholarship Programme.